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New for 2018 - everyone who registers online before July 1 will be eligible for a special prize draw.  Register here so you can quickly check-in on the day(s) you join us at the Heartland Tour.  We do not charge for registration but we do need you to sign up.  To ensure we have your name on the pre-registered list when you check-in we ask that you register online by 2:00 PM the day before you join us.

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Halifax, Saturday, July 7     view details

City-Family Ride: 6 km, through the downtown core – Police Escort.

Long Ride: 65 km – Sambro Loop , challenging hills, bike lanes and paved shoulder, one rest stop.

Short Ride: 28 km – Purcells-Herring Cove, challenging hills, bike lanes and paved shoulder, one + rest stop.

Trail Ride : 25 km - BLT Trail- (to the bridge in Timberlea/Greenwood Heights).

Walk: 1 km to 5 km – gentle walk (at your own pace) around the city and the Oval.

Antigonish, Sunday, July 8     view details

Long ride: 75 km, for the more advanced cyclist with significant hills.

Long walk: 5 km, flat or smooth surfaced trail but with 3 km of hiking trail and some hills.

Short ride: 35 km, gentle terrain, moderate pace.

Short walk: 2 km, flat on smooth surfaced trail, suitable for all.

Sydney, Monday, July 9     view details

Gentle Cycling - new to cycling 6km on Geenlink trail bikes welcome.

Introduction to biking: demonstration for families and all ages.

Long Road Bike: 60 km around the Mira.

Medium Road Bike: 40 km around Mira-Marion Bridge.

Relay for children - family activities.

Walkers Welcome - guided walking on Greenlink Trail, 1 km, 3km, 5km.

New Glasgow, Tuesday, July 10     view details

Family walk: 1.6 km, on high quality trail.

Longer walk: 5 km on high quality trail and gravel roads.

Long ride: about 50 km, Some Blue Route, no significant hills.

Short ride: about 15 km, no hills, relaxed pace.

Truro, Wednesday, July 11     view details

Long Road Ride: ~50 km, no significant hills, more challenging pace.

Short Road Ride: 20 km, for the novice or those wanting a moderate pace.

Trail Ride: 15 km - in the Park.

Walk in the Park: 2/2.5 km - forested trails.

Annapolis Royal, Thursday, July 12     view details

Guided Interpretative Walk through town.

Kid's Bike/Walk around Fork Anne.

Long Ride: 50 km, to Bridgetown and back, around the river, a few hills.

Long Walk: 5 km.

Short Walk: 2 km.

Bridgewater, Friday, July 13     view details

Heart & Stroke Walk - 3 km.

Long Road Bike Ride - 80 km, variety of terrain and scenery, no long climbs.

Moderate Road Bike Ride - 40 km, Lunenburg-Bridgewater, no long climbs.

Moderate Road Bike Ride - 60 km, Mahone Bay-Lunenburg return, no long climbs.

Novice Road Bike Ride - 15 km, Mahone Bay to Indian Point (return)

Trail Bike Ride - 25 km, along the Bay to Bay Trail.

Yarmouth, Saturday, July 14     view details

Family Ride: 2 km (start at Grove Rd. Parking Lot near the hospital at 3:00 pm.

Fun Run: 5 km (start at Grand Hotel).

Long Ride: 80 km (from Grand Hotel).

Moderate Ride: 37 km (start at Par-en-Bas School at 12:30 pm).

Short Ride: 12 km (start at Yarmouth Lighthouse at 2:30 pm).

Trail Ride: km (start & finish at Trail Head, Prospect St. Start at 9:30 am.

Walk: 2 km (start at Grand Hotel).

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