HLT 2014 Medical Study: Do You Care-AF

study2w(Community Assessment of Risk and Education for Atrial Fibrillation and its Management)

The Do You CARE-AF study aims to see what the level of AF and stroke risk is in people across the province of Nova Scotia.
Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome and all patients taking Warfarin are welcome to partake in this simple and free evaluation to help understand their risk and hopefully outline some ways to lower the risk of stroke!

This is a population health research study conducted through Dalhousie Medical School and the Division of Cardiology under the guidance of the Cardiac Cycle Society and the Heartland Tour. It will evaluate the level of risk for stroke in the general population across the province during the Heartland Tour conducted from July 6-12, 2014
Even if you don’t partake in the Heartland Tour specifically, you can partake in this study at the local Lawton’s Drug Store of the same community and on the same day the Heartland Tour is taking place… so check with your local Lawton’s to see where it is happening and when.
It’s major aim is to outline the level of risk for developing stroke by using a simple risk score based on age and a couple of simple questions regarding the presence or absence of diabetes, the presence or absence of high blood pressure and whether or not you have had a previous stroke or mini stroke diagnosed by the doctor. This score is called the CHADS₂ Score.
Traditionally, this score has been used to determine the benefit of blood thinners to prevent stroke in patients with known atrial fibrillation.
Atrial Fibrillation is a very common rhythm disturbance in our population and is associated with a significant increased risk of stroke particularly in those patients who have several risk factors as those mentioned above. Of great interest however, is that recent scientific literature, suggests that CHADS score can identify people who are at higher risk for stroke even if they do not have atrial fibrillation.
During the Do You CARE-AF study, we will also ask anyone on warfarin about how they feel about this medication and what they understand about the blood test used to regulate the warfarin dose and effect
The Do You CARE-AF study allows a simple INR testing within the participating Lawton’s Drug store or at the site of the Heartland Tour event. It is done through a simple pinprick just like everyone with diabetes has to check their sugars and it takes only a few minutes of time.
The results of the CHADS Score and the INR will be immediately available to each person who partakes in the Do You CARE-AF Study and some explanation around these results as well as information to help decrease the risk for stroke will be made available. We will also be taking blood pressure and a simple measure of heart rhythm that will be made available as well.

Hope to see you there!

The Do You CARE-AF Research Team
The HeartLand Tour 2014