Heartland Tour July 12 , Yay !!!

This is been a awesome experience and we are looking forward to the big day. Me and the kids will be doing the 5 km which starts at the Hospital Grove Road parking lot at 3:00. Come on out , ride your bikes and join us :) This is for all ages. We are doing the 5 km but there is a 97 km , 71 km , 39 km 14 km and a 2 km plus there will be a 5 km fun run starting at the Grand Hotel at 9 am. Also for those that registered , a free sport t-shirt, and enter a draw to win one of several bikes. Participation is free.

For more information visit : www.heartlandtour.ca or follow on twitter or facebook.

I would like to thank everyone that is part of this Heartland tour and Heartland Heroes program. I Thank you for helping us meet our goals and for all the extra help you have given us. This has been such a great experience. Thank you for our beautiful bikes too. We will certainly be using them a lot and enjoying our new life of being more physically active. This is a great program and we feel pleased that we were one of the family’s chosen as ” the heartland Heroes ” My children and myself Thank You :) … ” This has been a great experience ! ”

Don’t forget to check out : https://www.facebook.com/HeartlandTourNovaScotia and in Yarmouth on June 12 get out your bikes and come join us :)

Josley ,Kayla and Trinen

We absolutely love our bikes and love riding them !!!

We Have our bikes now and we are so happy with them !  I am so greatful our team leader was with us to help us out. He was such a great help.

Picking out bikes , you want to get just the right one that’s best suited for you and we are ” so ” happy with the ones we picked out. Thanks again Jack Harding ( team leader ) couldn’t have done it as well without your help :)  and Todd Lacey for helping us out by fitting us for our bikes so now we can ride much more comfortably :)

Because of the weather we haven’t been out as much as we hoped but we went out today for a ride and it was fun , really really fun !!! We really enjoyed ourselves and I can see where we will be having a really fun summer enjoying our new bikes. It makes my kids happy and they love having this fun time together as a family :) . I thinking I may even bring food with us sometimes and have a picnic on some of our rides. I also bought bags for the bike so that sometimes we can bike to get our groceries too. There will be lots of ways we will be able to use our bikes and we are really looking forward to the good weather and using them more.

Well I had to share with you all our excitement of getting out new bikes and how much fun this really is ! :)

Hope everyone is doing good and are inspired to consider being more active and maybe getting on that bike you may have not have been on in years and see how fun it really it is. You may just be surprised of what you have been missing … ” I know I was ” :)

Well bye for now



Finally seeing some results !

I have been feeling a little impatient and frustrated with myself lately. ! have been weighing myself and It was staying the same but ” good news ” today when I weighed myself I seen I have lost. May I say I felt a Yay !!!. It makes it worth all the extra work you put into something when you start seeing the results and you do if you keep plugging away at it .

So the kids are doing some physical activities as well, even thou on their own they are not really taking initiative but that’s ok. Its my job as their mom to help and guide them in areas plus I know once we get our bikes they will love biking and us going out as a family biking. Biking is fun to them . Last year was the first time I was on a bike since I was a young girl and I have to be honest , I really liked it too !!! I guess I forgot how fun it really is. Well speaking about the bikes , Yesterday I went to the RCMP officer and met a really nice and sweet lady officer. She was very sweet and helpful to.  She gave my children two new bicycle helmets and showed me the proper way of adjusting / fitting them so that they are safe. I felt that to be a great help and sadly I must say I never really new the proper way to adjust them , now I do thou :)

So now I am just waiting for some days in a row for good weather and we will be out to get our new bikes. Cant wait !!! When we do get them I will be certainly posting a new blog and share with you guys all about it.

Hope everyone is having a great day and that something maybe growing in you as well to want to get out there and become more active as well :) , once you get started its actually fun.

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Keep Smiling.” If you smile the world smiles back at you :)


Saying No To Sugar :)

Hello again. I wanted to thank everyone for checking out my blogs and pressing the ” like ” button under blogs. Don’t forget to check everyone else s blogs as well , I read them myself and I really enjoy them .

So another one of my ” goals ” is too cut back the sugar my children consume . Not natural sugars , like fruits and so on , those are good but the good old powder sugar , you know what I mean and as I have found , not everything that is ” good ” is good for you. I found for myself I can’t eat it . It seems to makes me feel unwell. With research and reading up on it I found that it may cause inflammation , Hmm I thought interesting. Well now that just backs it up why I don’t want myself or children to eat much of it. So now I have had to look for other alternatives for that ” sweet tooth “. Me and the kids have been experimenting so to speak with over ripe bananas. The other night my daughter made muffins with flour and lots bananas , coconut oil and some chocolate chips , may I say they were “ delicious !!! ” and she is a awesome cook !!! .There was a little bit of sugar in there with the chocolate chips but that is all the sugar that was in them and they were still very , very yummy. I have learned with trial and error and experimenting with foods that the flour thing doesn’t work so well with me either but for something sweet , if we have a really bad hankering for something like that , we make smoothies with lots of frozen bananas , berries , ice and almond milk or what ever milk we have on hand. We play around with this too, adding different things to see how it will comes out. So far so good ! Nothing that we couldn’t drink so far, lol .

Well thanks again for visiting my posts everyone and if anyone has any good recipes or alternatives for recipes with no sugar please let me know.

Have a great day and god bless

Rain Rain Go Away !

I thought I would title this one : Rain , rain go away ,  because it’s been raining everyday and unless your a duck , lol , its hard to find any pleasure in trying to get exercise outdoors when it’s raining like this, but there’s a happy note,  its all good though, because Me and the kids have been going to our local YMCA . I have been going on one of their machines and then me and the kids play badminton together but if we absolutely had to we would still find a way to exercise, maybe we would turn the music on , shut the curtains and dance as they say ” dance like no one is watching “, or freeze dance ( kids like that sort of thing ) or maybe we could grab a couple of cans and do different muscle exercises pretending that we could be the next new famous body builders . The list goes on. So many things you can think of on how to exercise if you make up your mind you really want to do it . I will tell you a little bit about myself, a long time ago I was a big girl , actually a few times . I lost weight gained weight and lost again , well you get the picture. What I found worked for me was making sure I worked out at certain times or every day. I had a calendar I would write in everyday when I worked out . I would also put if I ate well that day or not. I remember when I didn’t see any results how discouraged I felt but I told myself to stick with it and I will see the results for sure and guess what , I was right I did ! Some times I would put sticky notes on my mirror where I worked out with things written on them for extra motivation. Now I ask myself , where did I go wrong with gaining weight back in the past before ? I think the answer lies in consistency and if you get off track you have to get right back on. You tell yourself it is ok to fall , but you ” have to ” get right back up. Now I am not a big girl anymore as I was in the past but as you get to a certain age and to a certain weight it gets much harder to get it off. I have a ten pound goal to reach but with this program and everyone that here to help , I have confidence it is achievable. I am so grateful for this program. So many great people are set in place here that are willing to help you achieve all your goals. I want to do this for myself, of course, but for another and greater reason , my children. I never want them to struggle with their weight as I have. I want them to have a good foundation of being healthy and active by showing them myself as being healthy and active. There are so many pros to this. I can think of so many good results and reasons for living life this way verses what are some of the things that can happen if you don’t. I was blessed with two great children, twins at that and I want to try at least to do my part by living a active healthy lifestyle with them and teaching them to do the same and who knows maybe from this they will also teach their children a healthy lifestyle.

Feelin’ Excited!

Hello everyone,

I am feeling pumped and excited. The weather is fantastic and I  received my gift certificate for me and the kids to pic out our bikes. Can’t wait to get going with this!!! Everyone in this program has been so kind and helpful too. We are going to set some stuff up to help us achieve our goals as well. We are so appreciative of everyone’s help and support in helping up achieve our goals. This really is such a great program!!! Can’t wait to pick out our bikes and start riding.


Starting A New

Hi everyone!!

My name is Josley and I have two twin children, Kayla and Trinen. They are 12 years old. We are very excited about this program. The kids and I have been taking advantage of the warming weather and outdoor activities. We started a healthy wellness program through a local organization on Monday nights where we walk/run. We have also joined the local YMCA and I have been going a   few times a week. I really really enjoy it!! It is going to take me a while but I am taking small steps. I am building on these small steps and feel great about it all. Boy, it makes me feel really good and everyone needs that!

I have been feeling like my immune system may have been down from the winter and since this amount of activity is making me feel better and healthier. I am a person who likes to think of ways to make myself feel better if I don’t feel like my typical self. Exercise/being active and eating better  makes a big difference.

We are getting excited about getting our bikes out soon. I have a new friend in this program that will be making sure our bikes will be ready to “hit the road”. Just hope the rain stays away to give us a chance to play.

The children and I are also excited to get the garden planted for the season. We are vegetarians and looking forward to growing our own vegetables. Its fun to watch the food grow.

Well that is it for now…..talk to you soon