Nervous for the big day tomorrow

I am so nervous – I’m not at all ready!  My lung capacity is NOT back to normal yet after that long lung illness.  But that is not going to stop me.  I’ll be there and plan to walk with Bob for 5km then do the police escorted ride through Halifax.  Going to be a hot one and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Global news interviewed Nick & I

Bright and early in Halifax this morning. If you didn’t see the morning news (we were on at 7:45am), the kink is … You should be able to see it. There I things I’d like to have said and things I got flustered on, but it was fun. Check it out.

Huge setback, big comeback

I’ve been treated for phenomia for the past month and haven’t been walking or riding until this weekend.  Here I’m trying to get health and had this HUGE setback.

BUT … I’m back.  I started this weekend, riding early in the morning and walking during evenings.  I even found a few walking buddies!

Thanks to my Halifax leaders and friends who have encouraged me through this illness.  I’m not sure how far I’ll ride on July 13th but I’m sure going to give it everything I can!

Words of wisdom – you may get knocked down by unknown circumstances but NEVER stay down!  Life is too short, enjoy the ride!

Jelly Legs

Well, I’ve been trying out the new bike. After 20 minutes on a very flat, very isolated side road, I realized I forgot my helmet! When I got off to walk the bike home, my legs were jelly and I could hardly walk. I thought, how am I ever going to do 25k? But this was day 1 so if I keep it up – I know, KNOW I can do it. Just like my walking, start small and continue bit by bit. I know I’m getting stronger. The second time on the bike I did the same flat road, WITH HELMET, and did twice as much riding. I’m still getting the hang of it and look forward to my next mini-ride!

I have my bike!!!!!! !!!!

I’m so excited! Carmelitta went with me to Sportwheels in Lower Sackville (wow, does she have patience!) We were there a good two hours, trying out about 4 different bikes. It felt like the eye doctors “is this one better, or this one; this one, or this one” Ahhhh! Sportwheels was so great and they actually built a bike from the box! My main likes were: step-through frame, front shocks, and large tires; which called for a larger bike. I absolutely love it and can hardly wait to get home tonight to RIDE! And yes, it IS like riding a bike, once you get on, it all comes back to you (even the hand signals!).

Dandelions galore for a warm-up

I’ve been starting my walks with ridding my front lawn of dandelions – quite the stretching exercise! Great warm-up and since I’ve been doing this daily, I’m keeping up with those pesky weeds and my lawn looks great!
I am so enjoying my walks and am up to 6 km which I do twice a week, still walk some at lunch time, and starting doing hills in the evening. I got SOAKED on Sunday but it felt great and it sure made me walk faster! I’m getting to my mid-month goals; both in activity and lifestyle. I’m still having a LOT of trouble on the nutrition side, seems I have no time to plan. Exactly one year ago, I had given up carbs (breads, fruits, pasta/rice, etc.). I really didn’t miss it but know that I need a balanced diet so started adding things back in (brown rice, sweet potato, fruit). Hopefully this is why I’m not seeing any results in ‘loose’ clothing yet. I’m not worried (well, not too much).
I’d forgotten how much I love the outdoors and can hardly wait to get my bike! I’ve mapped out local routes already, some for re-learning to ride; some for exercise and some for fun!
I appreciate all the encouragement I’m getting from everyone – sure helps and keeps me motivated. The more people I’ve told, the more keep asking ‘how’s it going’.
I think I may tackle the weeds in the back and REALLY get a good stretch!

fitness good, nutrition not so much!

Happy to say I’ve met and exceeded my April 15th fitness goal. Now it’s only walking, but that’s more than I ever did. I’ve got running shoes in my car, at my office, and by the door at home – NO EXCUSE! Now on the nutrition side, not so easy. I have met my simple goals but still having problems with what to buy, plan, cook. Anyone know how to buy, cook, plan meals for one?

Miles for Millions

When I was a kid, back in Hamilton, Ontario; I remember walking to raise money for a group called “Miles for Millions”.  I can’t remember where the money went, but I do remember walking all day.  I still have the little ‘foot’ pin given to all those who finished the walk.

While I was out walking last week, I remembered the feeling of finishing that walk.  None of my friends finishes, I just continued to walk by myself.  Occasionally I’d catch up to someone I knew, but they’d always drop out.  I just knew I could do it!

It’s good to remember that there have been rewarding successes in the past – now more successes to look forward to and I know I CAN do it!

One song that keeps running through my head as I walk is by the Proclaimers, “I’m gonna be (500 miles)” – great song and great to walk to.

In the Beginning

No way, I can’t, I’ve tried, no time, it hurts, too old, too big, …..

Welcome to my old pity party – I’m not going back there, I refuse and don’t invite me to yours!

At a low point in my winter blues, I found out I was choosen as a Family Hero in the Heartland Tours contest. Four families were choosen from across Nova Scotia. WOW – prayers answered! So if I can do this, anyone can.

I’m to get out and get moving – that’s the simplicity of it all. No gym needed, no equipment, no ‘no pain no gain’; none of that. All I did to start was to walk. Great at lunch time for 15-20 minutes. Clears the head and frustrations of the morning and ready for the rest of the day.

Now, this party is closed forever; no more pity party for me and if you get invited to one; just WALK away (or bike, or run, or swim)!!

I did my first 5K – when I heard that, I thought NO WAY! It’s not that big a deal to some but from couch to 5K, not too shabby!!

Walking and laughing is a great way to put more minutes in my moves. I’d suggest doing this with a frind(s) or I’d look really weird laughing to myself!

Can’t wait to get out again!