Lots of changes

Well this is my last blog for the Heartland Heroes.  I can say that we have made some lasting changes in our lives.  I, for one, have greatly reduced the salt in my diet.  And my son is much more aware of healthy eating.  Thank you to the program for all of the encouragement.

Show Time!

It’s hard to believe that we will be biking on Sunday in Cheticamp.  The weather forecast is calling for SUN!


I have learned a lot in the past months.  I am starting to re-shape my life and make choices that are better for me.  I am avoiding salt – which is something I never thought I’d do.

I need to keep working in the exercise though – my immediate plans include gardening tomorrow and a bike ride.  Gotta pump it up!

Moving forward

Have you ever hear the expression, “I have too much on my plate”?  Well, I am scraping some of that off, both literally and figuratively.  I am going to eat less (rather track what I eat so I can be more aware), and make more time in my life for exercise. 

While I was away for a few days on a class trip, I am back to basics now and back to tracking my intake of food, sodium mostly.  Really bringing these goals in to the forefront.

Saw the Dr the other day for a sore throat – when the nurse took my blood pressure it was normal.  This is good!

Having some trouble NOT eating at night.  I seem to have some kind of theory that calories consumed after 9pm don’t count.  I really need to get away from that.  Seems to me that it is stress related.  Hoping to kick that habit soon.  Tonight I will only eat HEALTHY.


Gonna make some smaller goals so I can plan for some immediate success.  I will drink 2L of water tomorrow.  And I will go for a bike ride on Sunday.


All the best,




Goals – well…I can say that this project has brought these goals to the forefront of my mind.  I can’t say that I have been very true to these goals.  Why?  Life got in the way.  It’s not enough to plan to exercise if you don’t make time in your schedule.  There is not a time in my day when I am not already doing something else; working, taking care of children, housework, schoolwork or sleeping.  In addition, I am involved in several community committees.  I LOVE and NEED to be involved in the community.  So…what to do?

I have reached a point in the year where it is a good time to make changes.  I am stepping away from some of my responsibilities, and our family life will be changing as well.  With all of these changes, I get to rebuild my day to day, so to speak.  So my plan is to start with exercise, and plan around it.   This will be a huge change in my life.

I am doing very well with monitoring the salt intake in my diet.  I need to get back to writing everything down, but I am making better choices, staying aware of what I am eating and the amount of salt, and I have not touched the salt shaker.  Just keep swimming…

Looking forward to picking up the bikes on June 1.  Thanks to Frameworks for the support!  Whoo hoo!


Back in the saddle…

Did I mention that I walked 7km on Saturday?  Go me!  I’m half on and half off the horse right now, making some really good choices, and some not so good.  However, since I feel that this is a lifestyles change, I think that I am going in the right direction!

I tried a new recipe for lunch, a fritatta.  It was a flop – oh it turned out okay but the boys didn’t like it at all.  I will try again but make it plainer. I also made some homemade granola bars – Jackie loves them!

I didn’t get a lot of housework in this weekend, not did I get to the pile of correcting that I dragged home, but I did get in lots of exercise, sleep and good eating!  Go me!



Off the wagon

I realize that the title of my email implies that I can get back on.

I’ve not been tracking for a number of days.  And I’ve not been on the scale…I was weighing myself every Sat morning, but I’ve not been home to do so.  I’ve been too busy to track, plan etc. ARGGG!

Okay – so the good news.  I have been getting in more exercise than I previously was.  Not enough to loose weight I imagine, but at least I am active and I feel good about it.
I bought new clothes, in the regular size section as opposed to the plus size section, and I feel really good about that too.  And in the past three weeks I have only touched the salt shaker once.  I have been reading labels too!

The bad news – as I mentioned, I have not been tracking.  Which allows me to take liberties with my ‘treats’.  And it has been crazy busy around here -  So I have not been very good at controlling what I eat – I do okay at school (Good b’fast and of course I plan my lunch) and then I don’t plan supper.  So there is where I must start.

I have also been eating in the evening, which is something I got away from.  I am going for groceries tomorrow night and I will pick up some frozen fruit.  That usually satisfies me.

The play that Jackie and I are in is over next weekend, so that will free up some time.  But this coming week will be crazy – I will have to plan some suppers that I can grab and take with me to the dress rehearsals.  In fact, I have it on my list to do meal planning this weekend, but  I think I will do that today BEFORE I go for groceries.  I will also update my measurements today, and I have a long walk planned for Saturday (I bought a jogger/bike trailer so I can take Isaac and still move at a decent pace).  Dare I commit to yoga tonight too?  Okay, okay – at 4pm I will put the yoga DVD on for 20 minutes.

So I am back.


Saturday night in Mooseland

I’m staying with my parents this evening in Mooseland.  Raining here.  Blech.  Seems like a good evening to go to bed early.  Sleep is important to your health.

I had a great meeting with Jake on Thursday – he made me feel very supported.  I was in Halifax on business Thursday – Saturday, and I purposefully worked in two long walks and a swim!  This is to be the key, I think.  Being purposeful in my activity and planning my eating as well.

Going home tomorrow to plan the meals for the week.  :)




This whole initiative is for our son, Isaac.  He is a self-proclaimed ‘hater’ of vegetables.  I don’t understand it; he ate veggies as an infant, but somewhere along the line he decided that vegetables are yucky.  He has a very limited diet.  We want to model healthy living for him, and encourage him to eat more fruits and vegetables, thereby increasing his nutrient intake.  We also want him to grow up including physical activity in his lifestyle, so again, we will have to lead by example.

Jackie and I know we need to be in better physical shape in order to live long productive lives.

My husband, Jackie, is a candidate in the next provincial election in the riding of Inverness.
He is a teacher, a father and is preparing to campaign all at the same time.  Keeping healthy is very important to us.

Jackie’s lifestyle goal is to consistently sleep 8+ hours a night.  Jackie is off of caffeine as of today; caffeine is a problem for Jackie as it interferes with his sleep pattern.  Jackie has started tracking his intake of fruits and vegetables – there is a chart on the door of the cupboard in the kitchen, which will help him to be more aware of what he is eating. So far today he has eaten 4 servings of fruits and vegetables.

I borrowed a small bike with training wheels for Isaac; he loves the idea but has been cautious with his lessons.  He has been more open to eating more fruit, and we are working on opening his mind to vegetables.  I know there are ways to ‘sneak’ them in, but I want him to make it a part of his lifestyle.

I am using www.sparkpeople.com to track what I eat, and the sodium I take in.  The site will also allow me to track the exercise I do.  Yesterday I played outside with Isaac, helping him to learn to ride a bike and then swinging on the swing-set.  This isn’t intentional exercise, I know, but I did make the effort to get outside and MOVE.  Finding the time to exercise is going to be toughest for me; I am a teacher and I sit on several boards in the community.  It seems that the time that is left I am doing housework.

I will make the extra effort this week to add physical activity in to my days.