special thanks

It was a wonderful time and a wonderful opportunity. Sean, Gabe Ted and I thank all of the great folks who supported us and assisted us to achieve our goals. These folks are all too numerous to mention and I may forget names or mis-spell names, so I will just put forward our heartfelt thanks !.

Sean would like to thank very much “the biker who encouraged me to keep going, literally , at times, pushing me along the road to my personal victory” You were awesome and I did achieve my outstanding goal of biking the 30K. Thanks! And I will keep on biking as now I have found that I love biking, either on my own or with family and friends!

Gabe has been steadily increasing his strength as he scoots along independently on his mobo. Gabe recieved ongong strong support and encouragement from the “Heartland ” both provincially and locally. He now bikes fearlessly , enjoying his newfound freedom and independence. At the bikeathon, Gabe was allowed to ‘lead off’ the group of bikers on their 30 K ride! This privledge was a wonderful gift for him as it boosted his confidence in himself and his abilities.. and he has not looked back since! To all those involved, thank you for doing something that we could not do alone!

Ted and myself cherish the opportunity that you have given us to work together to achieve these worthy goals and to become more fit and active. As we are grandparents trying to maintain and healthy and fit lifestyle with 2 active boys, your advice, encouragement and support have been and are greatly appreciated.

Nova Scotia is the most beautiful province and we love getting out as a family, on our bikes, to enjoy the fresh air in our ocean playground! Thank you Heartland Hero’s Support Team!


First let me apologise to Lawton’s Pharmacy, as I spelled their name wrong when I thanked them for their generosity as they supported us to purchase the mobo for Gabe. Thank you Lawton’s Pharmacy… and Canadian Tire, for your wonderful support,,, as well as the Antigonish Team lead by Dave MacKenzie.

We are working to make up for lost time with our biking. It is amazing the beauty and details that you see when you bike along the country roads as opposed to ‘driving’ along them. The Pitcher plants are poking up in all of the bogs on the road out to Little Dover! This new commitment to fitness has also add another wonderful dimension to our lives… observing nature close up!

Thank you Heartland Team!

We see a change

Gabreyel, the 7 year old, just loves his new mobo bike! It is easy to ride and looks very cool. We are also noticing that his little legs are getting stronger by the day ..as he love to take his bike out now that he has no fear of falling. Laughton’s Pharmacy in Antigonish is to be thanked for making this wonderful opportunity possible for Gabe. With his stronger legs and increased endurance made possible by his new love of biking, Gabe will continue to build his health and strength… and onward to the Heartland Tour on July 18th in Antigonish!

Welcome to the First Day of Summer

What a beautiful day for the first day of summer… and now there is no excuse to not get out there and enjoy beautiful Nova Scotia! As our leg muscles build up it becomes easier to tackle the hills around Canso. We are getting prepared for the Antigonish Heartland Tour on the 8th of July. Will we see you there ? Hope so!


What a beautiful weekend! Perfect for biking and getting out and enjoying nature. Unfortunately I was working 12 hour nights so it makes it very difficult to find the time to get out with the boys!

On the bright side, one of our commitments to changing our lifestyle was to plant our own garden!  So it was great fun to go outside and pick fresh produce from the garden for our Father’s Day supper. Gabe was not quite sure that he wanted to eat the onions that were grown from our ‘dutch sets’ but he did have  fun picking them! It is so satisfying for the family to be growing our own fresh vegetables in Canso!

Sean did get out this week-end and did an overnight camp with the Scouts. Their leader, Harold Roberts, is a wonderful role model for all of us! His dedication to the scouting movement and the youth that he has in his troop is very admirable! Thank you Harold for your commitment!

Happy biking and hiking everyone!


Well the rain is great for the garden we planted but no so good for biking. Although Gabe and Sean are set with their new helmets that were generously donated by RCMP. We really appreciate all of the great support that we are getting as we transition into our new and more active lifestyle.



bikes recieved

It is really great to have our bikes! (.Thanks to our mentor David and the Heartland Heroes Team ). Sean and I biked the 8 km to school today using our new bikes. It is a wonderful feeling to get off of work and hop on the bike with one of your grandkids  and do a beautiful tour through the Canso countryside! The more you do the more energy you have. We still have a way to go to get to our 30 km ..but it is coming.

Gabe, the 7 year old, has a mobo which he loves to take out for “a spin!” He can not cover the distance as you can with a standard bicycle, but it is great for his balance!

Our garden is growing now and we are starting to eat some of the produce! The boys are quite involved in the starting of the seeds and the preparing of the garden, We want to plant our zucchini on the side of the bank leading to the ocean. It gets full sun there! Does anyone have any advice on that idea?


Please let me introduce our family. We are a blended family of sorts, with my husband Ted, myself and our two grandchildren. Between our ages there is 63 years difference, so we have quite a span in our ages. For this reason, as well as for the many travel and life goals that we are striving to attain, it is very important to us to keep fit and healthy. We loved that challenge offered by the Heartland Tour and the opportunities it gave us to look at the many options to stay fit and eat well.

Gabe is 7 years old and has some issues with balance. He has problems riding on a conventional bike. The Recreation Team from the IWK visited us with our Occupational Therapist and we found a great bike for Gabe. It is the mobo Triton! Gabe loves to ride this ‘low-to-the-ground ‘ three wheeled bike!  For the meantime, Gabe has found an activity that he loves that will help him improve his fitness and enjoy the beautiful Nova Scotia outdoors.

His older brother Sean, is looking forward to the challenge of biking 30 kilometers. We have started biking the shorter distances of 5 km a few times a week. The weather has not been too co-operative lately but we get out when we can. Sean has also identified that he would like to plant and care for his own vegetable garden as part of his participation is attaining a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle! Of course his brother Gabe will be a big help with that project!

Ted, is now retired from Health Care Administration…and enjoys fixing up old houses… and travelling. We both love to hike the beautiful trails of Nova Scotia and to kayak among the barrier islands. We are now renovating a very old ocean front home so that we can have the convenience of keeping our watercraft at our own dock! And the view from the harbor front window is fantastic!

Last year Ted and I backpacked through Nicaragua and we are looking forward to more of these ‘grass roots’ adventures so for us it is essential that we remain fit and active as we age! Our goals for the program center around healthy eating, increasing our endurance for biking and improved personal fitness levels!

We are grateful for the privilege of participating in the Heartland Challenge and are welcoming this as our catalyst for change to a healthier more active lifestyle!