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Posted in the Bicycle Nova Scotia newsletter, June 2015

2015 marks the ninth consecutive year for the Heartland Tour. Presented by the Cardiac Cycling Society of Nova Scotia, the Tour promotes active living with the objective of encouraging more Nova Scotians to improve their personal health status. This not only benefits the individual and their family, but it also helps reduce the demand on our over-burdened health care system. Regular exercise and good eating habits are well-known contributors to improved health outcomes and, more generally, to an improved quality of life.

The Heartland Tour focuses on cycling as one of many beneficial physical activities and uses community-based cycling events as a vehicle to attract public attention and participation.

Bicycle shops and the local community of active cyclists continue to be supportive of the Tour and we look forward to expanded participation for the 2015 event. We all benefit from the growth of cycling as an active lifestyle choice by more and more of our fellow Nova Scotians. Expansion also favours decisions to improve infrastructure, which in turns increases both opportunity and safety. This year we will be working to raise awareness of the one-metre rule and the growth of a safe cycling culture. As BNS members know, the perception of safety remains an important deterrent to the growth of cycling and we all must work collaboratively to change both the reality and the perception.

We are excited with the increasing interest we are receiving from the provincial government. We feel a major reason for this is the fact that we are not a fundraising group; our primary mission is to improve health and awareness. In all of our conversations, we strive to connect the common agendas of several departments – Health and Wellness, Transportation, Education, and Tourism. Promoting and developing the synergies advantageous to all will reinforce the many health benefits of physical activity such as cycling. And it will also encourage, make obvious, and celebrate the infrastructure and other initiatives that government may undertake to make our province more cycling friendly and, ultimately, a more healthy and attractive place to live and grow. As cycling enthusiasts ourselves, we often talk about the potential for tourism expansion and the economic benefits that can be generated, especially in smaller and rural communities. As we all know, there is a huge overlap in the interests of local cyclists and cycle-based tourism – and it all helps to gain the attention of our political leaders and the voting public.

The Heartland Tour invites all cyclists to join with the Heartland Core Team and community organizers to help celebrate our passion, promote physical activity within our communities, and join with others in what have proven to be highly enjoyable community events. We look forward to seeing you in July.

The 2015 schedule is:

Saturday, July 4 – Halifax
Sunday, July 5 – Truro
Monday, July 6 – Sydney
Tuesday, July 7 – Antigonish
Wednesday, July 8 – New Glasgow
Thursday, July 9 – Bridgewater
Friday, July 10 – Yarmouth

This year we will be adding more walking events and planning our rides to ensure there is something of interest for cyclists of all abilities.

You can keep up to date by visiting us at, on FaceBook at or Twitter @HeartlandTourNS.”


Jim Vance