HeartLand Tour Mission

To promote healthy, active living through education, inspiration, and role modeling; recognizing the need to improve the cardiovascular risk profile of Nova Scotians of all ages.


Heartland Tour Vision

An optimally active and healthy Nova Scotia population.


Heartland Tour Tag Line

Create a healthier you, one kilometre at a time.


What We Do

The Heartland Tour is a public awareness campaign that uses the bicycle as a vehicle to educate and draw attention to a topic that is of vital importance – the reduction of cardiac and health risk factors in the health of Nova Scotians.
Our priority is to increase awareness and grow family participation, understanding that obesity and high blood pressure trends are a threat to our children, families and health care system. A strong emphasis is placed on creating events that are family friendly.

Since 2007, we have valued the positive support of provincial government Ministers, municipal government officials and business leaders. These stakeholders appreciate that cycling is not only good for health, but it is also environmentally friendly, promotes Nova Scotia as a world class cycling destination, supports active transportation initiatives and is a fun, healthy and affordable activity for individuals, families and communities. In the past as part of raising awareness and participation we have incorporated a medical research study that was conducted in each community where participants can receive EKG testing and a CV risk assessment to learn more about their heart health.

Every year the HeartLand core team of riders travel across Nova Scotia communities and partner with local organizations to hold community events. Through a variety of communication and promotion strategies, Nova Scotians will be encouraged to join a leg of the tour in one or more of eight communities. Each community has a variety of ride options to appeal to a range of cycling abilities. Participants come out to a local venue which may be timed with a festival or event, go for a ride together, enjoy healthy food and cycling camaraderie, and hear local business, political and health care leaders share a message that promotes healthy lifestyles. Participation is free, each community has a prize draw and riders get a technical t-shirt to wear. The tour is not a fund-raiser, nor is it a race – rather it promotes a fun, healthy lifestyle for individuals and families.


Organizational Structure and the Core Team

HeartLand Tour (HLT) is run primarily by volunteers with the support of one contract based staff person who manages a few projects. Governed by a board of directors, it is the core team who are the engine of the organization! Core team members volunteer 2-4 hours a week from February to August to organize the tour and lead the Heroes program. Core team members are selected by the HLT Board of Directors and have the option each year to renew their position.

Core team are selected by the board via an application process that begins each year after the number of returning core members is determined. If there are available core team spots, the HLT board accesses the skill sets and/or geographical locations that core team members are needed and a public call for applications occurs (on HLT social media streams and website).

Once selected, core team members are required to volunteer 2-4 hours a week to accomplish their specific tasks, provide a minimum of 1-2 suggestions for sponsorship opportunities, volunteer during the tour to assist with execution of the tour, pay a core team registration fee of $250, and purchase two of the core team member jerseys. From September to February, core team members are also asked to give feedback, attend the HLT AGM, and sit on one of the committees to help with organizing the HLT for the coming year. For more information on core team members, please visit our team page!

If you are interested in becoming a core team member, we encourage you to get involved by volunteering with the HeartLand Tour (you can express interest by emailing jake@heartlandtour.ca) and follow us on facebook and twitter where we would announce a call for applications.